Crunchy Leaves and Fruitloops in Ruston

When I met Robbie the other day he greeted me with a comic book full of Star Wars strips, and being that the love of my life is a Star Wars geek, we hit it off right away. 🙂 Robbie encompassed what I love about being a child photographer: he wasn’t afraid to be himself, play and laugh with me, even though we had just become friends. Thanks Alisha for letting me photograph your sweet little man, he was so much fun!



The picture above I feel like summarizes my job. Finger in camera and a pile of fruit loops.







And just an update on the Snow Days, we have reduced the days to just Sunday afternoon and Monday all day just because of weather concerns. I am getting lots of entries for the contest for a Free Snow Day Session in Ruston, make sure you get me your email by Thanksgiving Day! To read about our outdoor snow set up click “Snow Day” at the top of the page.