My Mommy Melt Down

So last night I had one of those things I call a “Mommy Melt Down.” It happens every so often that I am completely humbled under the weight of the mother that I want to be and the mother that I actually am. My family has been more of other people’s cooking (ie. take out) than my own, the laundry is in a constant mountain of a pile and the past couple of weeks I have made the TV my babysitter way too much. Its a busy time of year and I work really hard to process and get my clients images out really fast, but lately at the expense of my family.

So today after my morning shoot I picked up my 5 year old brother Caleb and my sweet little Josiah and took them to get Happy Meals and to play at the park during Autumn’s nap time. We had so much fun and now I am refreshed and ready to give my life another shot. So here’s to picking yourself up off the floor today, because your family needs you to, you need you to and with God’s grace you can do it!





And later I came home to this:


This is Autumn trying to edit and play a song on iTunes on Brian’s computer. Wonder what she sees us doing all the time…

Also, for all (4) of you affected by the hard drive issue, the cable we had overnight last Wednesday finally came today, and we are cracking out images in the order they were taken as fast as possible. We’ve got one session out the door already!