How We Roll

Yesterday Brian and I were at our church/Brian’s work in Grapevine for an amazing video and photoshoot for the FC women’s ministry, Flavour, and their upcoming conference! My sweet friend Ashley drive up from Waco the night before to stay with the kids in the morning since we had to leave before 5am for the shoot (thanks Ashley!). Around 10am Ashley left and I brought the kids to the shoot with us. Autumn ended up modeling for a bit, I shot some more photos and Josiah “assisted” Brian with video. It was so much fun being there all together.

Brian and I have always tried to have the mentality that our family is our life, and we work with our kids daily. Editing with kids on our laps, having them on shoots, and taking phone calls with laughter (and often screaming) from the kids in the background. Do we turn on cartoons to get work done? Absolutely! Do I cook like I wish I did (like Jamie:)? No way!

But something I have learned is that everyone chooses how they run their lives and their family and this is how we do ours, its crazy, but it works for us and we couldn’t be more happy to have out kids as a part of our business and our everything!

Here’s a few from yesterday behind the scenes, since I can’t share the others with you yet! 🙂


Brian and Josiah shooting video on the DSLR


Autumn right after a brief session of standing in for another model (baby) who was getting cranky.