My Little Preschooler

Tomorrow Josiah goes to his first Meet the Teacher Day at school! Yesterday was his third birthday and he is so excited about being big and going to preschool. Even though it’s only 2 days a week for a half a day I can’t believe we are doing this already! My little man is growing up so fast!

Today he had a big boy hair cut, and then we went outside to enjoy the weather (it was in the 70’s in Dallas today!!!) and play on the playground at his new school. I intentionally had him wear his new Preschool t-shirt for some pictures so I don’t have to try to take the pictures tomorrow or Tuesday when I will most likely be crying. 🙂

Our baby boy Josiah at one week old. He was one of those newborns that stayed quietly awake for long periods of time even as a newborn. So sweet!

During his big boy “school hair cut”

That smile that melts my heart!