Little Brian’s Birth: Ashland Homebirth Photographer

This past weekend I had the honor of attending Brian’s birth…well sort of. I actually arrived just minutes after he made his appearance, WAY faster than anyone expected and making him my first baby to actually miss the birth of! I met with Brian’s mom earlier in the day on Saturday (Brian’s actual due date BTW) and we hung out and chatted for almost two hours! Later that evening Andrea (Brian’s mama) called to say she was in labor and having contractions regularly. Because she was talking to me fine on the phone and had only been in labor a couple hours I told her I would be there within the hour and to call me if anything changed. Well when I arrived 40 minutes later I walked into a very excited house of three big sisters who just found out they had gotten a brother!

Brian arrived so fast in fact, they couldn’t even get the birthing tub filled in time and the midwives’ car doors were open and some of their items were still outside! (If you drive up to a home and see this, you know you are late! 🙂 ). Anyway, I was so happy to still be able to capture Brian’s first couple of hours of life with his three big sisters and his wonderful mama and daddy. The midwives (Laura Roe and Veege Ruediger, click their names to view their websites/practices for well woman and prenatal and birth care) at this birth were so great, thorough and just a pleasure to spend the evening with. They did everything at Andrea’s pace (exams and paperwork, ect), and did an excellent job of including all the siblings. Andrea is also a Bradley Method instructor and though new to this area, will be teaching classes soon. To contact her about classes you can view the teacher director here.

Note: I have hand picked only about half of Andrea’s birth photos for this video slideshow. Breastfeeding is shown throughout, however no other body parts are shown nude. If you are sensitive to seeing a baby breastfeeding you may not want to view this video slideshow (and in fact you may not want to be on my blog at all 😉 . All these images have been previewed and cleared to be shown publicly by the family.