Sarah Jane Nelson and Rene Millan: Ashland Photographer

So I don’t normally shoot “head-shots” and I limit my commercial shoots to products and services for mammas or kids. Sarah Jane Nelson makes fabulous hand stamped jewelry for her business Life is Rosey. I bought one of her custom pieces for my MIL this Christmas and it was a HUGE hit! Her hubby Rene is an actor and an acting coach who teaches acting to both children, teens and adults. You may remember this family form their gorgeous family shoot in a local pear orchard here.

Well this family moved today to California and Ashland is going to really miss them. We will miss their kids Rosey and Mateo (who my daughter calls Potato), their singing, their acting and just having around. But we are super happy that they will be back some this summer for Green Shows! Here are a few of of my favorites from their head shot sessions. There were so many (I think we picked out over 100 images all together to retouch!). Enjoy!

Sarah Jane, thanks for being one of the first people to welcome me to the valley, never making fun of the way I saw “ya’ll” and introducing me to my favorite local restaurant! 🙂 Best Wishes!