My LAST Camera Classes EVER in Louisiana!

Camera Classes for Kenya!

In July my husband Brian and I will be going to the remote desert region of northwestern Kenya to film and photograph the Turkana people and tell their stories to the world. With our upocoming move across the country to Oregon at the end of the month, we have decided to teach our last ever set of our popular camera classes geared toward parents to help raise money for our trip expenses as well as the supplies and aid we bring with us to the poor in Kenya. Please sign up with your sisters, mothers, daughters and friends for this fun and and memory changing event! Your pictures will never be the same!

Click HERE to register and pay online or register online and mail a check. You payment is TAX DEDUCTIBLE and will be made to Share International, Inc. a 501c3 organization! All donations are appreciated!

All Classes will take place at Christ Community Church in Ruston on Saturday, November 27th at the times listed below. Each class has limited space and your spot will not be reserved until you have paid. Payments may be made in two amounts is necessary. Please contact me for details.

About the Classes:

The Point and Shoot Class 8AM-10AM

  • For those who do not own a Digital SLR (is you aren’t sure email me or call me!), but this usually means if your camera does not have a removable lens than this is you.
  • How to get the most from your images using available light, your camera’s settings, composition techniques and tips and tricks.
  • Printing options and how many megapixels you need (or don’t need).

The Camera Class for Mom’s (or Dad’s or grandparents) 11AM-2PM

Many of you have nice new digital SLR cameras and are using them exclusively on auto mode, just like your old point and shoot. I know …how hard it can be to learn how to use a camera for the first time on your own that is why I am teaching this class! Now you can take a workshop where you are one of a small group of other moms (or dads) learning the photography basics to help you get the most from your camera and capture everyday moments.
Find out how to manually set your camera to get just what you want to take great pictures of your family everyday! Also get advice on what lenses to put on your wish list!
This is a three plus hour workshop with limited spaces.

  • * The 10 Keys to taking great pictures of your children
  • * Introduction to Exposure
  • o Shutter Speed
  • o Aperture
  • o ISO
  • * Lens Overview
  • o What do the numbers mean on my lens?
  • * Options for sharing and printing

My All New Advanced Class! 3PM-7PM

For those of you who shoot on manual or at least know how your camera works such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO. This will be a small group class to answer all your questions on photography. We will cover:

  • External flash units
  • Special lighting situations
  • Photoshop basics and how to do a clean edit using editing software
  • Advanced printing options including labs, mounting, and card and book making
  • Plus more avanced camer discussion to take you from where you are at to the next level

Email me at with any questions!