Our New Life and Photography in Ashland, Oregon

Well hello there strangers! It’s been forever since I have sat down and blogged for myself! (I have been blogging for Share International, inc. a non-profit we volunteer for and support check out their website here.) So here’s a quick recap on my life:

  • In November we packed up our life in Dallas and spent pretty much the entire month of November in Ruston visiting friends and family, shooting, planning and visiting some more.
  • In December we drove from Ruston to San Diego where we visited friends and family for a few days and then we drive north to Sacramento to visit my brother in law and my niece Kylie.Then we finally arrived in Ashland, Oregon where Brian took a job as the Video Production Manager for ShareFaith a company that sells videos, worship loops, PowerPoint and other media to churches.
  • Since we have been here we have been building a new, simpler, quieter way of life, not allowing ourselves to become nearly as busy as before, spending more time together as a family and living with on car in a smaller two bedroom house.

That’s about it, except that we totally love it here! I was not excited to move far away from family and friends at all, but I seriously have never lived a place more beautiful. I also have never felt so at home in a place I have never been before. People here are very relaxed, they walk everywhere and I barely ever see anyone dressed up. I am no longer EVER the only girl in sweats and boots at the grocery store. 🙂 But seriously, I think its just been good for us as a family to get away together. I have felt like we have been on vacation. I am not answering emails and texts and phone calls around the clock, I am rested and I get to spend lots of time with the kids. Josiah is starting to read, he can write all his letters and Autumn has been making up songs and stories. I really can’t describe what a blessing this experience has been. I know it won’t last forever and no one knows what tomorrow brings and I miss our family so much, but today I am just thankful for where we are.

Most of these I have put on Facebook but here’s some of the pictures of my two from the past month. I have had a blast using all my creative juices on them and trying new lighting techniques.

These were taken in our front yard. There are a lot of snow pictures, but we actually have only had three or four snow days since we’ve been here surprisingly. 🙂

Autumn’s wearing her new Matilda Jane House of Cloud’s Shasta Dress under her coat here.

Snow ball fight!

Sledding in the park near our house.

Josiah has been the happiest little boy since we have been here. He loves our slower pace of life, seeing his daddy more and going for walks!

This is on our way to the park from our house. Ashland has a lot of deer and they are pretty comfortable around people.

We made snow “ice cream” on this particular day.

Yes, Josiah’s hair has gotten really long again, he loves it and we think it fits his little free spirited personality. We offer to get it cut but he wants to keep it long for now.

Josiah is such a sweet boy about modeling for me and my crazy ideas. 🙂

More Matilda Jane (from their Field Trip line) on Autumn. She’s a mess.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am going to be posting again so visit soon! On Sunday I have my first newborn shoot here in Ashland, Oregon, the baby is from Talent, in the next town up! I have all kind of fun things planned isnce it has been so ling since I have photographed a newborn! (Almost three months, wow!)